Hi, I'm Kathryn Sherriff, a studio potter working by the railway line in Carshalton village, South London, making functional, wheel thrown porcelain ceramics.

I work in small batches and aim for simple designs with clean lines and muted colour palettes that are practical and will work in most homes and on any dining table. I like to think that there's an element of my love of mid-century modern design in my pottery.

I often leave the exteriors unglazed to create a tactile contrast between the raw clay and the glazed surfaces. Decoration is applied using coloured slips, inlaid lines and carved repeating patterns.

It's hard to explain but I love the connection that handmade pottery creates between the maker and the owner. There is a moment on the wheel when I can feel that the pot is ready, and I know that the kiln firing will capture that making moment permanently.

Every piece that I make is designed for everyday use in the home. After throwing on the wheel, drying and turning, each piece is then biscuit fired, glazed and then high fired in an electric kiln to 1260 degrees. This means that they are food safe, dishwasher safe, oven proof and stain resistant.

I am proud to be a member of the London Potters and the Craft Potters Association both of whom provide practical help for ceramics makers and regularly arrange fantastic events for potters and people that just love ceramics.  

The photo here shows my studio where all my pottery is made. I started originally in the small space next door and then as my ceramics business has expanded I’ve knocked through into the space next door which was originally my husbands office. He has very kindly relocated into the box room indoors!